PRISMS needs your energy and enthusiasm in order that this founding organization continues to grow and be successful. Your fundraising efforts help PRISMS to improve its programs, keep conference costs more affordable for families, and support SMS research.

Please consider hosting a special event. Fundraising events also help to bring together SMS families in a fun and supportive environment and these events help to raise awareness of SMS in the community. Click the links below for ideas and more information about the different kinds of fundraisers (from

Some other ways to raise funds and support PRISMS...

Visit the PRISMS Firstgiving website at and set up your own page. Write a short paragraph about your family’s journey with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, add a photo and attach a video. Then email, Facebook and Tweet this page to your friends and host a virtual PRISMS fundraiser from the comfort of your home. It really is that easy!

Or, get your children involved and set up a bake sale table at a local event. Hold a rummage sale with your family and donate all proceeds to PRISMS. Maybe you would prefer writing a letter to family and friends about your experiences with Smith-Magenis Syndrome. Ask them to consider making a tax deductable donation to PRISMS in honor of your child.

Your fundraising endeavor, no matter how big or small, will help to support the mission of PRISMS and its programs. For more information, please contact Denien Rasmussen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you for your support!


UWALogoAs you may know, the United Way begins its annual fundraising drive each fall in nearly every community in the United States, Canada and many other countries. It provides a way for many charities to obtain funds by individuals contributing a portion of their paycheck through payroll deduction. Each United Way chapter lists a variety of organizations that may be chosen for payroll deductions, most of which are locally based. Many of the United Way's 1,400 chapters or member organizations also allow individuals to write in the charity of their choice. The 501(c)(3) non-profit status of PRISMS should qualify us for the write-in option (assuming the local chapter accepts write-ins). Here's all of the information you'll probably need: PRISMS, Inc., 21800 Town Center Plaza, Suite #266A-633, Sterling, VA 20164, Tax ID 54-1652029.

To obtain a write-in campaign in your workplace, contact your company's United Way chairperson or your local United Way agency to ask if there is a write-in or designation option. Most co-workers are eager to donate to a cause that is personally tied to a colleague. Posting a public letter or a poster asking your fellow employees to join you in our fight against SMS might be one way to reach all the employees and increase our funding.