imgSuperkidAP“Go Blue-Tailed Lizards!” That is often what you will hear coming from the sidelines of the soccer field near our home each Saturday morning. Amanda is 6 years old and is the un-official “Team Manager” of the Northern VA Blue-Tailed Lizards Soccer Team (of which her big brother Andrew is a member). Amanda’s involvement in the team has been a wonderful experience for her, her brother and his teammates & coaches alike.

Some of her duties include field preparation, getting equipment in place for drills and helping with water breaks. During practice, she paces the field with a ball under her arm along side the coaches and often participates in the conditioning drills!

Amanda is quick to greet EVERY player, parent and sibling by name and uniform number with a very enthusiastic hug (tackle) or pat on the back (the boys have gotten used to her “love taps”). The coaches and teammates have embraced her as a member of the team. She has a jersey and loves to let everyone know that she is “double zero”—her jersey number is “00.”

When Amanda is not on the soccer field, she rides horses as part of the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program (NVTRP). We are entering our third year of horseback riding and this is truly the best outlet for her. She receives her physical therapy on the horse while having the undivided attention of 3 sidewalkers and an instructor—it doesn’t get any better than that! Amanda was recently asked to participate in a real horse show, representing NVTRP.

The show included riders of all ages and they asked her to participate in the under 8 age bracket. Amanda rode like a pro and came away with the 1st Place Blue Ribbon! We are so proud of her and her accomplishments. She is our SMS Blue Ribbon wearing SuperKid!

(excerpted from Spectrum, Vol 12, Issue 4, Fall 2008)