imgSuperkidSCThis summer, our very own Sara, qualified to participate in the Special Olympics Summer Games. Many of our PRISMS families know Sara, as she has attended several PRISMS conferences, and was our “mistress of ceremonies,” and all-around goodwill ambassador. Sara has been a “celebrity” of sorts at our conferences, and now has another jewel to add to her crown! Sara participated in three different track events and earned three gold medals! Wow! Sara won a gold medal for running the 400K, 800K, and the mile. We knew Sara was a fast learner, with an excellent memory, but who knew she was also a track star!

Sara qualified for the state Olympic events by attending the local meet where she ran the 5K, mile, 800K, and 400K. Sara also qualified because she attended all of her practices and because of her positive sportsmanship that she exhibits when she is at the track.

Way to go Sara! You will always be a champion to all of your friends at PRISMS!

(excerpted from Spectrum, Vol 12, Issue 1, Winter 2008)