by Tracie L. Belcher, Griffithsville, WV

"You have a lovely daughter,"
The delivery nurse had said.
Visions of her future
Began dancing in my head.

She'll go to the finest schools.
She'll have the sweetest friends.
She'll be in all the clubs.
She'll be the living end.

She'll grow to be so smart.
She'll have the perfect life.
She'll meet the perfect man.
She'll make the perfect wife.

What's that I heard the doctor say?
"There's something that you missed!"
You say my lovely daughter
Has something called SMS!

My vision started fading.
My anger raged about.
Someone help me please!
From this nightmare I want out!!

Can I make her better?
Is there something I can do?
Or should I, Lord, kneel and pray
And give this all to you?

I heard him say
His presences near
"Love this child
And do not fear.

For in this world are reasons
Someday you'll come to know.
Just care for her and love her,
Enjoy her; watch her grow.

She will often have a temper,
And seldom may you sleep,
But trust that I have given you
A treasure for to keep.

She will never be just like the rest,
And all your patience she may test.
But above it all you will find
No greater love of any kind.

And though her steps
May seem like miles
Remember - I am with you
I'll show you in her smiles."