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Newly Diagnosed

If you are associated with a person who is recently diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, you're encouraged to begin your search for more information with the "WHAT IS SMS?" menu above. For a more in-depth review of SMS, please see the In-Depth Review page or you can access it directly on the GeneReviews web site.

Smith-Magenis Syndrome Patient Registry

SMS Patient Registry LogoWe are proud to announce the launch of the new Smith-Magenis Syndrome Patient Registry (SMSPR). The SMS Patient Registry is one of PRISMS most recent initiatives toward our long-standing aim of supporting research of Smith-Magenis Syndrome. The SMS Patient Registry is a collaboration between families and researchers that will work together to improve our understanding of SMS.

Please see the SMS Patient Registry page for more information and on how to enroll in the registry.

Research Participation Opportunities

Please see our Research Participation Opportunities page for more information on research studies that is underway and are looking for participants.

What's New

Vanda Presents Abstract on SMS Study

Vanda presented preliminary data/findings from the first cohort of SMS patients who participated in their 2401 SMS clinical trial at the 2017 joint congress of World Association of Sleep Medicine and World Sleep Federation (World... READ MORE

Updated Fundraising "How To's"

PRISMS needs your energy and enthusiasm to ensure this founding organization may continue to grow and serve the SMS community through programs of education, awareness, and research. Your fundraising efforts help PRISMS to improve its... READ MORE

International Partnership Program - New Partners

PRISMS is dedicated to strengthening the Smith-Magenis Syndrome community, creating a global network of resources and associations. As part of this dedication, we launched our International Partnership Program in 2016, forming partnerships with international organizations... READ MORE

Smith-Magenis Guidebook: Exploring Adult Residential Living

The New PRISMS Guidebookof Residential Housing Options for Adults with SMS! PRISMS is excited to announce the publication of "A Smith-Magenis Guidebook: Exploring Adult Residential Living." This guidebook is available at no charge on the PRISMS... READ MORE

Vanda-SMS Registry is Live!

Vanda Pharmaceuticals - Smith-Magenis Syndrome Patient Registry Sign up to stay informed on the latest updates regarding Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) and sleep disturbances. The registry connects you with information about future research opportunities and shares information about... READ MORE

PRISMS Book "On the Road to Success with SMS"

The PRISMS "On the Road to Success with SMS - A Smith-Magenis Guidebook for Schools" by Barbara Haas-Givler and Brenda Finucane is now available for purchase online. In this book, Barbara Haas-Givler and Brenda Finucane... READ MORE

Photo Submission Form

PRISMS invites you to share your SMS photos with us! We are always looking for new photos to update the website, share on social media, include in publications, and more! Catch your SMS Superkid asleep... READ MORE

Upcoming Events

Thu Jul 19 - Sat Jul 21
2018 10th SMS International Conference