imgIntro1Perhaps you are reading these words because a loved one was recently diagnosed as having Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS) or perhaps you are a professional working with a person who has SMS. However you came to find this website, we hope it will be a starting point for you to gain support, along with a better understanding of this complex genetic condition.

Words of Comfort

As you read through the information on this website, you will learn that children and adults with SMS can pose many developmental and behavioral challenges. Keep in mind that these individuals also have many positive and endearing qualities, and they are well loved by family and friends. Click here to read some words of comfort for parents of newly-diagnosed children.

Keeping Things in Perspective

If you are the parent of a young child with SMS, the diagnosis can seem overwhelming, filling you with uncertainty and dread for the future. You are embarking on a difficult journey, but one that is also rewarding. You will grieve when your child struggles, but you will revel in their accomplishments. You will encounter many difficult times, but also times that are joyful, humorous, and never boring. You may feel intensely isolated - most likely, none of your friends or family members has ever had to face the challenge of SMS. But remember that you are not alone. Many families have walked this road before you, and PRISMS is here to help.