PRISMS is dedicated to strengthening the Smith-Magenis Syndrome community, creating a global network of resources and associations. As part of this dedication, we launched our International Partnership Program in 2016, forming partnerships with international organizations dedicated to serving SMS families.

In recognition of the desire to unite, strengthen and reinforce the Smith-Magenis Syndrome community around the world, PRISMS is continuing to expand the concrete partnerships with SMS associations holding common objectives. We are pleased to announce that we have established several new partnerships in addition to the inaugural partnerships that were part of the program launch. Listed below are the current international associations/organizations that are partners in the PRISMS International Partnership Program.

Please see the International Partnership Program page for more information.

PRISMS International Partners:

Smith-Magenis Syndrome Australia

IPP Australia


Smith Magenis México

IPP Mexico


Smith-Magenis Syndrome Foundation UK

IPP United Kingdom


Association Smith Magenis 17 France

IPP France


Sirius e.V. Germany

IPP Germany